Chopta-Chandrashila - A Journey to the Moon and Back

If you are like me who loves spending time in the Lap of nature, then the trek from Deoriatal to Chopta is going to be rather memorable. This trail runs through one of the most interesting Forests that are Abundantly blessed with Larger then life Pines, Oaks and Blossoming Rhodendrons. These are enough reasons to Ditch the alternative motorable road access to Chopta via Sari that can be covered within 1.5 to two hours.

This trail to the mountains stands witness to the most beautiful pink dressed Rhodendron trees that welcome the trekkers by their sheer vibrance of spectacular colours that nature has bestowed upon them. The trek is rather easy and accents from 2430 meters to 2480 meters gradually covering a distance of about 15 kms.

Campsite at Chopta

Chopta is where the campsite is located. For those covering the Deoriatal-Chopta-Chandrahila trek, this would be the second campsite after the experience of camping by the Deorital Lake.

Camping at Chopta during the clear night skies it is treat to the eyes. Once the moonlight washes over the earth and the Stars start to shine, it’s a sight to behold. The galaxies and innumerable stars that are clearly visible to the naked eye, feel so close as if they are a Natures blanket woven with eclectic patterns , also refered as “Nakshatras” as per the Hindu Astrology.

Little did I know that the morning after the camp night at Chopta , was about to change my life in a way a could never have imagined.

The Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag

As you progress towards the gateway that welcomes you to the Winding Serpent-like know clad rocky pathways leading up to the Tungnath Temple at 3680 meters, your heart is filled with enthusiasm. The accent is moderately steep, however during the Winter Months the trail is covered with Ice or snow making it slightly more challenging to climb. As your lungs get used to the increasing altitude, you start to get a glimpse of what it could be like to go to the top. But well you just don’t know yet.

Campsite at Chopta

The trail leads you to one of the Highest Shiva temple of Tungnath believed to be built by Arjuna about a 1000 years ago. The temple is just about 2 kms from Chopta and also becomes a great location for sneaking some rest in Shiva’s Abode on your way to Chandrahila peak. As you approach the temple you hear the large brass bells ringing and echoing amidst the beautiful snow clad mountains. The reverberations are sure to raise your vibrations and your state of blissfulness.

"I extend my gratitude towards you Lord Shiva. Its you who gave me strength and the resilience to build my own endurance both emotional and Physical" – Meenakshi Chauhan

We pay our Gratitude and continue to ascend towards Chandrashila - literally meaning the “Moon Rock” . The Path towards the peak gets a little more challenging from this point especially when the mountain is covered in deep know. The Sunrays wash over the snow that makes it sparkle almost resembling what one would imagine to be the floor on the moon. The trek culminates on this Peak (3680 m)that has a magnificent 360 degree view of several Himalayan jewels like the Thalaysagar (6,904 m), Kedar Dome (6,832 m), Kedarnath (6,940 m), Sumeru (6,350 m), Neelkanth (6,596 m), Janhukut(6,805 m), Chaukhamba (7,138 m), Dunagiri (7,066 m), Kalanka, Nanda Devi (7,816 m), Trishul (7,120 m)

It feels like this peak is adorned with a beautiful necklace of precious gems tied around its neck. As you stand on this peak a sense of accomplishment washes over you. The peace and tranquillity relinquishes all worries and anxieties of your Hustled city life as it momentarily seduces you to join the Silent song of your true desires that connect you back to your truest self.

It would not be an overstatement to say that it truly is a Journey to the Moon and Back.

"I wonder how could I describe the beauty that is you, the magnificence that is you, the power that you exuberate and the energy that you radiate. I don’t have words that could Justify your true Nature. All I can Say is Thank you Universe ,for this experience where I truly found myself" – Meenakshi Chauhan

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