Har Ki Dun - Valley of Gods

The Har Ki Dun Valley
Swargarohini Peak is visible partially obscured by cloud formations, in the background of the meadow, brightened by the spring bloom.
"There are places to go and Mountains to Conquer. But when I am in the Valley of Gods I hear the Dhun (Melody), that makes my heart sing along. It's the song of victory over ones own limitations. " – Meenakshi Chauhan

We were an eclectic mix of an all-women’s group of 16 , all from various parts of the world , who set out for an adventure . Our adventure began from Mussorie, one of the popular hill stations and an ideal spot to get your body used to the altitude and mountain weather. Mussorie is blessed with tremendous built cultural heritage that includes churches, Tourist stays with stunning views , restaurants that serve authentic local cuisine and Fantastic street Markets . One can guess where an all women group might have headed first . That’s right . The street Market , to get some accessories and gear which are trekking essentials. Mussorie market offers a lot of variety in Winter and down jackets , trekking shoes and pretty much anything a trekker would need for his trip. After shopping and enjoying some steaming hot Momo’s from the Market streets, we headed back to the Hotel for a recuperating night’s sleep.

Sankri Village: Gateway to Govind Wildlife Sancturay, Uttarakhand, India.

In the morning , we set out in our travellers towards Mori. To elevate our adventure a notch up, we decided to make a halt along the Yamuna river for some River rafting for a stretch of about 9 kms. The refreshing sound of gushing river and cool breeze lifted our spirits to a new high.

A cricket tournament being held in village Taluka

We then headed towards our first camp site for the night, along the riverside at Mori . Mori is situated in the North-West region of Garhwal, Uttarakhand and at 1150 metres above sea level. Camping besides the river Tons, in the company of Misty cloud covered mountains ,Tall pine scented cool breeze, and some interesting rocky trails is no less than a campers dream come true. Every where your vision goes, it forms a picture perfect frame for a lifetime memory that can be captured not just in your camera but can be eternally imbibed on your mind. With a heavy heart, we bid this location goodbye and proceeded towards Sankri which is also popular as the trekkers Paradise as it forms the start point for several trekking locations in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Our Trajectory was marked as Sankri – Taluka – Gangad- Seema to our final destination at Har-ki-Dun. Most nights along this trail we camped alongside Picturesque locations and also were fortunate to enjoy a home-stay at Osla Village. Our stay was memorable for the warm wooden traditional houses elevated on wooden stilts, terraced along the contours offering magnificent valley views. It is for this Nature’s miracles that the 5-6 hours of daily trekking on varying terrains- sometimes difficult, seemed like a distant memory once we got to the camping locations.

Wooden houses in a village

Har-Ki-Dun also well known as the Valley of Gods is a very interesting trek falling in the category of Moderate to Difficult. For the Non-Pro trekkers looking to upgrade the challenge to endure their bodies with some interesting combination of terrains alongside the path, Har-Ki-Dun is an ideal choice.

This valley is situated within the boundaries of Govind Pashu National Park. The trails turning around every mountain you conquer will reward you with stunning views and Landscape . One can bask in the glory and wonder of what Mother nature can provide with. The river Supin is your best friend andm guide . It Walks besides you all along offering not just direction but also serving you with the fresh mountain water should you get thirsty on your way. You can sing, Lie down on a rock besides the river or simply take a break to dip your feet into the running water to wash away your physical tiredness. Its there for you. Such is the generosity of Nature that we mostly take for granted. You will cross some hidden mountain jewels. These settlements/villages blend so well with Nature and are environmentally sustainable. Built completely in wood they are a relief to one sight used to concrete city Jungles everyday.

A stream turns into a small but beautiful waterfall, along the way

This trek to Har-ki-Dun passes through some amazing waterfalls and picturesque meadows. And if you are really fortunate to spot a rainbow along the way, consider it a blessing offered by the universe cause it sure just feels like that. The rainbow we encountered spanned from one mountain to the other. I don’t think I heard a soul talk for atleast five minutes straight as we all gazed at the rainbow in complete awe.

And if that wasn’t overwhelming enough we were joined by some furry Mountain friends that accompanied us for atleast 3 kms . It was as if we already knew each other, as if we were already best friends. And why wouldn’t it be so, dogs are so instinctive. All they need is your love and they will return it in multifold.

Our Furry Friend that we named – Kaalu

As we approach the Har-ki-dun Valley , we are welcomed by gushing sounds of flowing streams in the Lap of the snowclad Himalayan peaks. There is one Tea House at this point where you can take a “ Chai Break” to celebrate the conclusion of your accent. After all the climb if your belly is craving some food , don’t forget to order some eggs and Maggi . It sure tastes a lot different here . Soak in the Magic of this Valley and make some picture memories against the background of these Majestic Himalayas before you bid them goodbye, Only “ Untill we meet again “ .

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