Har Ki Dun Trek: Ticking Off My Bucket List

Traveling is an art of storing every beautiful memory in your heart and mind. For me, Har Ki Dun trek is not just a memory but an experience of a lifetime – A much-needed detox from everyday life in the company of lush green scenery and hills. Before beginning to narrate my experience, I would like to thank Himalaya Shelter and Woovly for leaving no stone unturned to make it a memorable trek for me.

It all began when Woovly contacted me for this opportunity after checking out my bucket list on their platform. They told me how their platform aims at aspiring people to tick off their bucket list and also discovering activities that they can add to their roster. Now, without further ado, let me begin with the narration of my trekking experience.

Har Ki Dun trek is deemed to be one of the best treks for beginners. I had never been on one before, and Har Ki Dun turned out to be a perfect trek to kick start my experience. Tucked neatly in the Western Himalayas, Har Ki Dun is one of the most mesmerizing valleys and a wholesome delight for the trekkers. The trail goes through meadows, ridges, basins, forests, and ancient villages, providing panoramic valley views and a turn to witness the peaceful lifestyle of the locals.

First Leg: Dehradun to Sankri

The trek begins from Sankri, which is a base camp at an altitude of 6700 feet above the sea level. It took a 7-hour ride from Dehradun to reach the base camp. The ride to Sankri offers a different thrill altogether, stamped by some curvy turns. If you ever plan on doing Har Ki Dun trek and are prone to falling sick due to motion sickness, then it is advisable to keep some medicines handy to avoid falling ill. Coming to Sankri, it is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever come across. Himalaya Shelter arranged my stay, and the first night felt like I'm sitting right in the lap of nature, surrounded by lush greens.

Beginning the Trek

Day 1 begins with a ride from Sankri to Panwani Garat. We started early in the morning from Taluka, which was an hour-long ride from Sankri. The trek goes along the Supin river and ascends gradually, making it an easy route for trekkers. Since this was my trek, I felt thrilled with how easily I marked the first day and got to witness some of the magnificent views en route.

Day 2 was from Panwani Garat to Kalkati dhar, covering a distance of 9 Kms. The trek route is scenic as one gets the view of ice-capped Himalayas. The campsite was in Kalkati dhar, overlooking the peaks of Bandarpunch and Kalanag. Yet again, the second day made me feel accomplished. My first trek was giving me all the right feels.

Day 3 begins from Kalkati dhar to Har ki Dun in the relay. This one covers a distance of 5 Kms and even more comfortable than the previous day trek. Although it requires lesser footwork, the scenic beauty surveyed on this trek is worth saving in the scrapbook. It brings you closer to the Himalayas as one can see peaks like Hata, Swargarohini, and more.

Day 4 starts from Kalkati dhar to Panwani Garat through Osla Village. It is just like day 2 (in reverse order). The village Osla is breathtaking with its raw appeal, and one can find a hidden gem, i.e., a 150-year-old Someshwar Temple.

Day 5 marked the last day of my trek. I was gleaming with happiness from the memories I made on the trek. Lucky are those who are born in the lap of the mountains and wake up to the glory of nature. I packed my bags again and left from Sankri to Panwani Garat.

Overall, I'm glad that I went on this adventure. Har Ki Dun trek shall be the most preserved memory in the coming years. From my experience, I would suggest every reader embark on Har Ki Dun trek once in their lifetime. It will give you the much-needed solace to think freely and breathe the fresh air in the hills while connecting with the lovely locals and trek members.

Himalaya Shelter should be the go-to travel provider for Har Ki Dun trek as they take the utmost care of their clients. Especially in my case, I'm Vegan, and Himalaya Shelter ensured that I don't struggle with the food during the trek. Their hospitality stoked me, and I shall recommend them to anyone who plans on doing Har Ki Dun trek.

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