Best Season: November to March (Winter - Snow Expected) | April to June & September to October (Lush Meadows)
Price Per Person: 9,000/- (Trek + Transport - Dehradun <-> Sankri)
Trek Duration: 5 Days: 3/4 Trekking Days, 2 Days' Travel in Vehicle
Maximum Trek Altitude: 3,810 meters | 12,500 Feet; Trek is easy to moderate with slighty steep ascent, but short distances
Total Trek Distance: 20 KM trek

trail to kedarkantha
Summit push to Kedarkantha Peak
Kedarkantha peak, situated in the mountains of the Tons river valley is a beautiful ridge peak; accessible during most of the months, except during Monsoon & somewhat difficult in peak winters. Going through the Govind National Park, the trek is embraced with a variety of flora and fauna, making it even more appealing, adventurous and fulfilling. The summit has an altitude of 3810 meters or 12,500 feet, and reaching the summit feels very rewarding as you get a 360-degree view of peaks of Uttarakhand like the Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch I & II, Black peak, Ranglana among the Yamunotri and Gangotri ranges. Stretching below, the Har Ki Dun valley makes an appearance. On the north-west, ranges of Himachal Pradesh - that extends into Kinnaur ranges are visible and the Rupin valley makes its way to Himachal on the west. And towards the east, villages like Purola and Mori are visible. The trek is recommended for all the beginners who are in love with snow and high altitude!
What warrants the Kedarkantha Trek a special place in our hearts is the majestic snow covered landscape with the unqiue hue of the pine wood offering a stark contrast against a white backdrop, or the partially frozen lake of Juda ka Talab and not to forget the 360 Degree Panoramic view from the top. It is like a fairy world from an epic tale which comes to life in this unique snowy abode.
Even thought the Kedarkantha trek is favoured in winters, it is a beautiful trek for summers as well. The crowd thins considerably and you rarely encounter trekkers on this route in Summers. Furthermore the Kedarkantha trek can be clubbed with Phulara Ridge Trek in summers, which is a very unique ridge starting from Kedarkantha top and running parallel to the valleys below.

Below is the short itinerary for Kedarkantha Trek -

  • Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri (1,920 m) - 8 h drive
  • Day 2: Sankri to Juda Ka Talab (2,774 m), 4 KM : 3-4 h
  • Day 3: Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp (3,429 m), 4 KM : 3-4 h
  • Day 4: Base Camp to Kedarkantha Summit, return to Hargaon, 12 KM : 7-8 h
  • Day 5: Hargaon to Sankri to Dehradun; 8 h drive

How difficult is Kedarkantha trek?

  • Kedarkantha is an easy to moderate trek in terms of difficulty.
  • The distance is generally 4-5 KM on the first two days. The trail is steep and we traverse through dense pine forest to Juda Talab (Lake) and to the base camp. Ahead of basecamp the trail remains steep all the way to the summit. Although the short distance makes it rather easy, along with the well laid trail.
  • In peak winters the excess snow can make it difficult for first timers, owing to snow and crampons are required to get a good grip when the snow hardens. There are some sections where ice formations post winters can make it challenging to attempt by yourself. Crampons and Trekking Poles are highly recommended

How is the weather of Kedarkantha trek?

  • Kedarkantha is most trekked in winter months. In peak winters snow fall can happen even in Sankri, from where the trek starts. The Juda Talab can freeze in the peak winter months, so much so that trekkers can even walk on the frozen lake. Thus the weather is extremely cold, especially when the sun sets. Camping can be uncomfortable for most trekkers in such conditions, albeit with right equipment and clothing it is not too challenging.
  • Kedarkantha basecamp is the coldest campsite with temperatures going 10 below the freezing point in late December and early January months
  • The weather is really pleasant in summers cool breeze during evening hours and warm days with plenty of shade along the trail.

What are the rivers along the route to Sankri & Kedarkantha trek?

  • Yamuna during first and last day's drive.
  • Tons during first and last day's drive.
  • Supin during the drive to Sankri from Mori to Netwar.

What peaks are visible from Kedarkantha trek?

  • Black Peak/Kalanag (6,387 m), Swargarohini I (6,252 m), II and III and Banderpoonch are visible from Kedarkantha top. Jaonli, Gangotri, Draupadi ka Danda and Jorkanden are also visible from the top. Swargarohini can be seen from Sankri and other points in the trail as well.
  • Dhauladhar range and Rupin valley can be seen from the meadow camp till the summit. Har ki Dun valley and its villages are visible from the top.

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Kedarkantha trek – Winter’s delightful peak for the Beginners
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  • Way to Sankri - Roadhead to Kedarkantha
    Way to Sankri
    Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri (1,920 m)

    The drive to Sankri from Dehradun takes you through towns and villages like Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola and Mori. After gaining height at Mussoorie, we continue our drive inwards and, soon, are joined by the river Yamuna a few kilometers ahead of Kempty Falls. The drive goes through a dense pine forest engulfing you into sweet but strong scent of pines. After you drive through the length of pine forests, you enter Mori. The Tons River starts accompanying you from here, which happens to be the biggest tributary of Yamuna and is well known for rafting activities. The picturesque drive starts early in order to reach Sankri by evening. The 190 km long drive takes around 8-9 hours to complete. For the night, we stay at a guesthouse before starting our hike the next day.

  • Day 2: Sankri to Juda Ka Talab (2,774 m)

    We leave early from Sankri post breakfast and start trekking towards Juda Ka Talab. The path from Sankri to the base camp is a happening one. With kids on their way to the school and local village women starting their daily errands and chores, the trek starts from the village crossing another village, Saud, before you reach the trail that leads to Kedarkantha. The trail takes you into the pine forest and starts to climb sharply until you reach a ridge after a while. On the ridge, the trail evens out and widens. The density of the forest makes the walk very cool for the sun is not able to penetrate through the thickness of the pine and maple trees. You will finally reach Juda Ka Talab, which is a small lake famous for three landmasses floating on it. For the night, we come by the lake and enjoy the dinner under the gleaming presence of billions of stars!

  • Day 3: Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp (3,429 m)

    Moving past Juda Ka Talab, a trail takes you deeper into the dense pine forests. Continue walking and you will finally hit a meadow dotted with shepherd’s huts. After climbing another thousand feet, you will reach the destination of the day - Kedarkantha base camp. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete this part of the trek. The trail from Juda Ka Talab till the base camp is indescribably beautiful and mesmerizing. It is the perfect location for photographers and nature lovers! The base camp is colder than the summit because of lack of insulation. Even from the base camp, the famous peaks of Uttarakhand are visible at a stretch, making it the perfect spot to camp at.

  • Day 4: Kedarkantha base camp to Kedarkantha Summit (3,810 m) and back to Hargaon (2,713 m)

    This is the day you’ve been working hard for! The trek from the base camp to the summit is not a long one. On reaching the summit, your jaw is going to drop and your eyes will not blink. The Kedarkantha summit is marked by an arrangement of stones with a Trishul that points to the sky. The summit offers an astonishing 360-degree view of the peaks of Uttarakhand and the Chaainsheel Pass and Kailash ranges of Himachal.From the top, you can also see the Har Ki Dun valley below. The story behind Kedarkantha is an interesting one. The name literally means the throat of Lord Shiva (Kedar refers to Lord Shiva and Kantha means Throat). The legend has it that this peak was supposed to be the original Kedarnath temple but Lord Shiva, who disguised himself as a cow hiding from the Pandavas was disturbed during meditation by the villagers. The interruption made him change his location from this peak to the present Kedarnath temple. We hike back to the base camp after spending good time on the summit. Post lunch we head towards Hargaon (2 km trail). Hargaon is a large camping area en route to Sankri. An overnight stay is required before saying goodbye to the beautiful place.

  • Sankri village
    Sankri village - Kedarkantha Trek
    Day 5: Hargaon to Sankri

    Today we head down to Sankri. It takes about 2-3 hours to finish this 4 km trek route of the day. For the rest of the day, you can explore the village of Sankri, which is known to be the heart of the Har Ki Dun valley, along with other villages like Gangad and Osla. Sankri is a typical “Pahari” village, with an unbeatable hospitality offered by the locals. It is also the last road head to the Govind Balabh Pant Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Day 6: Sankri to Dehradun

    Going back home always feels great. But the drive will not make it easy for we take the same alluring road back to Dehradun. The landscape slowly changes from pine forests to wider roads as we head back towards Dehradun, finally opening up into the bustling city life.

  • Black Peak/Kalanag (6,387 m), Swargarohini I (6,252 m), II and III and Banderpoonch are visible from Kedarkantha top. Jaonli, Gangotri, Draupadi ka Danda and Jorkanden are also visible from the top. Swargarohini can be seen from Sankri and other points in the trail as well.
  • Dhauladhar range and Rupin valley can be seen from the meadow camp till the summit. Har ki Dun valley and its villages are visible from the top.
  • Yamuna during first and last day's drive.
  • Tons and Supin during first and last day's drive.

Transport support from and to Dehradun: starting from pickup on day 1 to drop on day 6.

Guide and cook fees.

Rent for camping equipment.

Forest entry charges.

Porter and mule support to carry camping equipment. Please note that personal luggage can be carried by mules and/or porters on chargeable basis.

All veg meals starting from day 1 dinner to day 6 breakfast.

Tented accommodation throughout the trek.

Transport to reach Dehradun from hometown.

Personal expenses like tips, personal medicines, phone calls etc.

Any transport support during the trek apart from what is included above.

Rent for trekking shoes is Rs 200 per trekking day. The charges are applicable irrespective of whether the shoes are worn or not during the trek. Availability of shoes need to be confirmed with us prior to the trek commencement date.

Rent for walking stick is Rs 50 per trekking day. The charges are applicable irrespective of whether the stick is used or not.

Accommodation in Dehradun.

Personal luggage with mass not exceeding 12 kg per bag per person can be carried by porters/mules @ Rs 300 per day per bag.

  • Trekking Boots: Waterproof, high ankle with good grip.
  • One Raincoat/Poncho
  • Windproof Jacket
  • Wind & waterproof pant
  • 2-3 t-shirts/shirts � preferably quick dry
  • 2 trousers (avoid shorts, fitting denims, capris)
  • Warm Fleece, Alternative: a woolen sweater
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Waterproof Rucksack or Rucksack with rain-cover
  • Water Bottle
  • Slippers/Sandals/Floaters: Non-slippery
  • Hat or sun protection cap
  • Woolen cap/scarf
  • Head Torch (hand torch would be an alternative)
  • Sunglasses (it should be UV protected.) or use Photo chromatic glasses.
  • Identitiy cards
  • Personal Toiletries (toothbrush,toothpaste etc)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet and dry tissues
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Towel
  • Personal medical kit
  • Sunscreen cream/moisturizer/lip balm
  • Thermal inner wears
  • One pair of woolen socks
  • Waterproof thick gloves
  • Hot water bag if needed
  • Diamox - to prevent AMS
  • Crocin - fever
  • Avomine - (motion sickness)
  • Avil 25mg - (allergies)
  • Combiflam - (Pain killer)
  • Disprin - (headache)
  • Digene - (acidity)
  • Norflox TZ & Lomofen - (diarrhea)
  • ORS
  • Omez/ Rantadine - (antacids)
  • Crepe bandage - 3 to 5 meters
  • Gauze - 1 small roll
  • Band aids - different sizes
  • Cotton - 1 small roll
  • Betadine or any antiseptic cream
  • Moov/Volini spray (aches, & sprains)
  • Knee caps
  • Hot water bag in winter if needed

Ragini Dogra 18 February 2020

For me and my friends mountains synonyms with 'love' and climbing them has been always been a mixture of challenges, fun, thrill and surprises. This time traveling solo and later to be joined with other individuals of the group I had no idea what was in store. This was my first with the place, with the group, the snow and the guides. This is what I experienced. The drive from Dehradun to Sankri was lovely; the river flowing alongside, the lush green forests and the beautiful villages in between. Upon reaching Sankri, we were greeted by a very warm and hospitable person, Mr. Bachan Rana, who gave us instructions for the next day. Then we started off on our journey. On the first day we went till Juda Ka Talab and enroute, the snowy mountains were splendid and walking through them even more mesmerizing. We were served with amazing dishes starting from breakfast, evening snacks and then dinner. The best part for me was that since I am a vegan and I could not take any dairy product the Himalaya Shelter Team made every effort in this regard. They made separate black tea, daliya without milk. This meant a lot. Then when we reached the Base Camp, the beautiful sun was out and we lay there basking under it for a while. Then the whole group decided to play 'dumsharaaz' and this was the best time we all bonded. It was sheer fun. Finally came the summit, of which I have very less photographs as my cellphone stopped working but which I have captured sacredly in my eyes and heart for times to come. We all made it! Coming down I was too bored to simply walk and luckily there were snow slides, (hehe seriously one of the striking features of the trek) so we slid like children, hooting our way down. We then stayed at Juda ka Talab and next day back to Sankri.. It is strange how a group of strangers from different parts of the world with their own set of stories come together only to share a wonderful experience! I got to know many people this way and it was nostalgic to leave the place so soon.Above all, I carry within me more beauty, more love for Nature, now as I have walked through it.. Throughout all this, our Trek Leader deserves special mention, Raghav Sir. He took care of all our needs at all times and helped each one of us during ascent and descent. Finally a Big Thank You to Himalaya Shelter for making this journey a memorable one!

Lopamudra Mondal 11 January 2020

Kedarkantha (Dec.30 -Jan.04, 2020) !! It'll always be memorable one to me.. Not only because, It was my first solo trek and that too winter one, but also for the experience.. I booked with “Adventure Nation” and they connected me with Himalaya shelter.  On the first day we travelled to Sankri and was welcomed with the amazing scenic beauty and hot tea with bread pakoda.. Me being a solo trekker and only girl in the team, I was provided with separate room, separate tent.. Never felt uneasy or unsafe.. The foods were delicious..We used to get tea often, then bread, butter-Jam, Puri-Sabji for breakfast.. Rice-Dal, Roti-Sabji, custard for dinner.. Soup was served at Base camp.. Didn't feel I'm away from home.. Our trek guide Trikam and Nitin, ensured we to keep us warm, cozy and full..Trikam along with the cooks even made us a cake at JUDA DA TALAB in that zero degree temperature, just to surprise us for the new year Eve..and Nitin arranged bonfire for us.. This was the best new year eve Ever.. Thanks to Bachan Rana and his team.. The hospitality and experience was top-notch.. I am so glad that I got the remarkable opportunity to go for Kedarkantha peak summit and cherish the beauty of the sunrise from the Kedarkantha peak.. even get to enjoy the snowfall and Rain as well.. I feel extremely lucky for these.. Will be eagerly waiting for the next trip with HS and Adventure Nation team..

Darshan Rathod 03 January 2020

I recently went for a solo trip to Dehradun - completely unprepared & unplanned. However, Himalaya Shelter made it perfectly well-planned and fun-filled trip with the Kedarkantha Snow Trek. (Though it says Easy to Moderate, with experience I would say it’s Moderate to Difficult for people who are trekking for the first time or not regular with trekking or hiking.) With Himalaya Shelter there weren't any glitches or surprises but only & only memories for life. The team guide Rishabh was a Rock-star and he ensured that the group got along. He really took care of us with a very pleasing smile all the times. 10/10 for this young boy. God bless him! Even the staffs in kitchen were great. They served hot & tasty food throughout even at the campsite. Very good efforts put by the team with perfect campsite locations, perfect accommodation & arrangement, perfect food with quality, perfect transport service…. Amazing experience!! It was my first trip with this group and I am sure it won't be the last.

Vaibhav Rane 04 February 2019

My first snow trek was here and what a beautiful place this is...everybody should try to come here atleast once in his life to view this awesome place. We were not fortunate enough to reach summit because of heavy snowfall...but still we managed to enjoy our part of the trek and it was an awesome experience

Aditya Gangadhar 04 February 2019

Only one word. Wonderful. Beautiful landscapes, wild dogs, sweet locals, yummy food altogether it's a magical experience.

Shivani 30 November 2018 first outing in Himalayas. It was simply beautiful, cannot be expressed in words...need to experience it. Every view was breathtaking. The complete journey was definetly beautiful and enjoyable, and for this major part of credit goes to Himalaya Shelters....Bachchanji and his team. Warm and wonderful people. Took excellent care. Travel, food, stay everything was well planned and well taken care. Need not to worry about any thing. I am glad I did my first trek with them. A big thankyou to Himalaya Shelters. Looking forward to many more treks with them.

Deepa Trivedi 21 November 2018

This was my 3rd trek with Himalayan Shelter. Another amazing experience, excellent HS team . Can't wait for another trek with them . Our guide Hari was a real professional. He made sure that my friend and me was comfortable at all time of the trek. The food they provide is tasty and healthy. With Himalayan Shelter one is really looked after. There warmth adds up to the serenic beauty and you tend to forget about all of the stress one experiences in the city life. Thanks to Himalayan Shelter see you soon

Shivani 16 November 2018

Kedarkantha first outing in mountains, will always stay close to my heart. Himalaya Shelters made this trip even more memorable by taking very good care with lot of warmth . They are team of professionals under the very able guidance of Bachchan ji. Food, stay, travel everything was well planned. Looking forward to do many more treks with them in future.

Goutham Narayan 24 April 2018

April 2018, my first outing to Dehradun with lots of excitement. My first trek that to Himalayan Mountain. I booked with “Go Nirvana” and they connected us with Himalaya shelter. We reached Dehradun and received call from Arnab about the arrangement. Next day Himalaya shelter team with trek guide Surendra Rana and cook Harish. We started to village Sankri with all arrangements. Our trek guide Surendra Rana was excellent person and our team became friends in no time. We had a beautiful river view and pine tree view on the way to sankri village. On reaching sankri, cook Harish served with noodles. The best noodles I ever had. We were served with nice dinner and our trek guide briefed about our trek and arrangement for next 3 days. Next day my dream of trekking started and it was smooth, learning experience for me. Food arrangement for were much more than expectation. Our base camp was stunning and my first experience. Next day we started and reached our destination. The Kedarkantha peak and that mesmerizing and breath taking moment will never be able to forget. Then we returned to our base camp sliding in ice where I enjoyed every moment. The overnight stay in our base camp will be unforgettable. Next day we are back to Sankri village and stay that night. Our hospitality was the best during our whole trip and enjoyed each and every meal. Next day returned to Dehradun with lots of unforgettable memories. During our whole the service of our trek guide Surendra and cook Harish were remarkable.

Manan Prajapati 07 April 2018

I've done this trek on last week of December 2017. It was my first trekking experience. My uncle recommended that I do this with Himalaya Shelter. On first day, Bachan Rana and team gave us some tips that we need to take care during our trek. Service (especially food) provided by them was excellent. Our trek guide Tripu has very friendly nature. Once we reach our camp, they make sure everything is arranged. This was amazing experience and most of the credit goes to Himalaya Shelter team.

Samikshan B (On Tripadvisor) 18 March 2018

December 2017 found me traveling to Dehradun with the sole intention of completing my first Himalayan trek to Kedarkantha. My friend from my college days, Arnab had recommended that I do this with Himalaya Shelter, and wasn't it the best decision ever. Himalaya Shelter, led by Bachan Rana is a small but cozy organisation that provides for an intimate experience with the Himalayas, the Garhwali culture, and the warm people from the cold village of Sankri. Each and every arrangement exceeded expectations and it would be safe to say that I didn't have much to complain about. The journey from Dehradun to Sankri was supposed to be a non-trivial affair. However Kuldeep, our driver, made sure that the journey was as smooth and pleasant as possible. They take care of your safety and encourage you to consciously make sure others are safe around you too. Our trek guide Randev Singh Rana, was excellent, had an assuring presence and we became friends in no time. Trekking with him was a smooth and learning experience for me and others in our group. The food arrangements were again much above expectations. We never had to go hungry at any point during the trek, since we were regularly pampered with hot, steaming, delicious food to refuel ourselves without having to worry about stomach upsets or related illnesses. We were also provided with warm drinking water in abundance. This was important as our body tends to dehydrate quite quickly in those altitudes and weather conditions. It was also impressive that the Himalaya Shelter team actively makes sure that the tents are kept clean for other people to use. The sleeping bags and the fleece blankets to use inside the sleeping bags provided us with the much needed warmth; though it took me some time to get used to sleeping inside sleeping bags. All in all, this was an amazing experience and a lot of credit goes to the Himalaya Shelter team for that. One of the most memorable moments from the trek was when Randev pointed out to me how the sunrays first kissed the Swargarohini peaks moments before the sun peeked from over the Garhwal Himalayan range. I would do more Himalayan treks and surely I'd trust Himalaya Shelter with them too.

Maulik Dave 02 March 2015

Marvellous first trekking experience in Uttarakhand !! I am extremely thankful to Bachan Rana and HimalayaShelter group,the way they managed the entire trek was as close to perfection as it gets.I would greatly appreciate your warm hospitality throughout our visit.Had the best quality (Tents,Sleeping gear,Camp Kitchens,Mountain Bicycles etc) equipments that one can ask for.I was fortunate to have wonderful people around from different parts of India during the trek.As it is said,"Bombay ka fashion aur pahado ke mausam ka koi bharosa nahi,kab badal jaaye". We experienced the same and couldn't reach the peak of Kedarkantha. However there were many moments listed below that will last forever. /> Sliding/Diving in Snow,Snow games,daily night camp-fire,Majestic Landscape @ Juda ka talab,23 km Mountain Cycling,Nature Photography,Experiencing Hailstorm,Having sip of tea/soup daily at 0 degree Celsius,Himalayas local alcoholic drink on the last day,Sitting on top of the jeep and experiencing breathtaking view of Himalayas. We experienced different types of climate during the trek: Partly Cloudy,then cloudy then windy ,then rainy and finally sunny on the last day. On the last day we had camp site at Mori which again had gorgeous view and was fun to learn setting up the tent on your own. Being a foodie,how can I miss this :) Daily we were served 5 course delicious,superb energetic meals that I can never forget.Bachan Rana,the custard you made as part of desert was unforgettable.You and your group made our trip very memorable and we look forward to create more memories soon.I would definitely recommend this group to others that gave me the best vacation time in Himalayas.Keep the Ball Rolling Mr. Bachan !! Cheers

Siddharth S 21 February 2015

I along with my wife and 6 other friends went on the kedarkantha trek organized by Himalayashelter during 1st-5th April 2015. We had come from different cities and congregated at Dehradun where Rana (aka Bachan) and his team received us. After a rather long and winding road trip from Dehradun via Mussoorie we reached the base village of the trek -sankri. It rained through the evening and night (not typical at this time of the year). Due to unseasonal rains we could not go all the way to the kedarkantha summit. However we were lucky to get a lot of snow all the way to juda-ka-talaab and beyond. While the weather played spoilsport, it was more than compensated by the excellent arrangements by Bachan and his team at himalayashelter. The tents were of very good quality - warm, dry and cozy. While it rained each night we camped and the weather was chilly, the all weather tents and sleeping bags were warm and comfortable. Overnight rains had rendered the route quite mucky. However there were enough trekking rods which made the trek less cumbersome. The team was very informative with Bachan himself being a local. Throughout the route we were informed about the local flora (oaks, deodhar, maple, apple trees, rhododendrons etc) and its significance (do you know that petals of the rhododendron have medicinal benefits and are good for the heart?). All meals were prepared and served hot and fresh. Dinner was always an elaborate 3 course meal with soup, main course and dessert (not something you expect on a trek ). The food was delicious, local yet home-like (Bachan is an excellent cook and prepares most of the meals all by himself). We were treated to caramel custard on the night we camped at Juda-ka-talaab (at sub zero temperature) which deserves a special mention. It was the best I've had and could easily give any of the Irani restaurants in Mumbai a run for their money. After completing the trek, on the following day, they had arranged 25km downhill cycling from sankri to mori. The cycles that were provided were in very good condition with gears and good shock absorbers. Safety was given due importance with two vehicles on either end of our cycling trail so that immediate attention could be provided to anyone who is tired and wants a break or has had any kind of bruise while cycling. On the last day, we camped on the banks of river tons near the town of mori. All of us were taught to set up our own tents (it was not easy but lots of fun). Extra care was taken throughout the trek to ensure that the trip was leisurely yet adventurous. By the time we reached Dehradun to catch our flights back home, all of us were already planning our next trek with Bachan and his team at Himalaya shelter.

Disha Dave 08 February 2015

Thank you Himalaya Shelter for making this trek to kedarkantha so memorable.I had great fun climbing up the valley covered by pine trees,playing carelessly in the snow like a baby and cycling down 22kms parallel to picturesque scenery of the mountains and rapid flowing Tongs river.It was an ideal vacation being away from clutter and clatter of the city. And special thanks to Bachchan and team for the warm hospitality offered to us. I had never imagined having such a splendid spread in the midst of mountains.Food & the campfire experience was such awesome ! Once again,thank you Himalaya Shelter !!

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