About Us

W hen humans set their feet and eyes on the Himalaya, it is a romantic meeting between the Earth´s youngest species and the earth´s youngest mountain. As the Himalayan mountains have developed on Earth, the evolution of humans has also been accompanied by the making of an inner Himalaya. Every human has a Himalaya within himself or herself. It is the peak of human potential and challenge as well as a place of silence and peace.

We began as a mission to provide an experience that is as real and with minimum impact on the environment. We are a tightly knit community of people passionate about the Himalayas. Founded on the principle of maintaining an ecological sync while providing an undiluted experience of the vivid Himalayan culture and landscape, we emphasize on a sustainable model of growth in an ever expanding adventure tourism industry in India. We consider our guests as part of our family and thus strive to ensure a safe and authentic experience, while providing an intimate interaction with local Himalayan Culture, and Cuisine on every adventurous sojourn.

Himalaya Shelter - For the love of the Himalayas!