About Us

W hen humans set their feet and eyes on the Himalaya, it is a romantic meeting between the Earth´s youngest species and the earth´s youngest mountain. As the Himalayan mountains have developed on Earth, the evolution of humans has also been accompanied by the making of an inner Himalaya. Every human has a Himalaya within himself or herself. It is the peak of human potential and challenge as well as a place of silence and peace.

Our Journey started in the humble roots & persistent efforts of an authentic mountain trek leader, Bachan Rana, who founded Himalaya Shelter, after he had to forego his long journey as a Trek Leader at one of the finest Outdoor Activities organizer in India, in 2013, following Kedarnath Disaster which led to dwindling tourist influx, crippling the tourism sector in Uttarakhand. A native of Village Osla, of the majestic Har Ki Dun valley, where daily commute to the nearest roadhead is 14 Kilometers trek even today, Bachan with his two decades of experience in the outdoors industry as Mountain Leader started Himalaya Shelter with an aim to provide an authentic trekking experience in the Himalayas, keeping in mind to safeguard the fragile ecology that the Himalayas inherit.

Today we have since come a long way but our vision remains the same "To provide access to Trekking in the Himalayas, while maintaining low impact, sustainable trekking practice, passing the benefits to the inhabitants of these remote trekking destinations." More than 80% of our teammates are locals from far off villages of Uttarakhand & we support our teammates by getting them trained professionally to further their skills for their roles. We are striving to build an ecosystem where we can maximize the benefits of trekking for the Trekkers and the Locals, meanwhile minimizing the impact of Trekking on Himalayan Biodiversity.

Himalaya Shelter - For the love of the Himalayas!