Deorital - The Calm within

I rose up before the Sun that morning. It must have been the excitement of the journey I was about to embark through the breath-taking and stunningly beautiful winding roads crossing Devprayag and Rudraprayag to get to Sari, which takes about 7-8 hours from Dehradun. An interesting stop enroute is to witness the divine confluence of Alakhnanda and Bhagirathi rivers merging to become the Holy Ganga. The Pristine Crystal-like Aqua hues of the two rivers are quite distinct to identify. Its like witnessing a marriage made in heaven as the two beloveds unite to become one.

The Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag

Sari is a rather quaint and a modest village of Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand at an altitude of approximately 2000 meters. Besides being adorned with Apple and Peach orchids, Sari get its significance of being the Basecamp for Deorital and Chopta treks. This village has some basic facilities for lodging and boarding in the form of guest houses and homestays, however the fresh and hot served rajma Chawal, the splendid views of perfectly manicured fields and the warm friendly conversations with the hosts surely makes up for its modest amenities. Sari also connects Chopta via apicturesque road blessed with green meadows that will take you to Chopta within a span of 1.5 to two hours.

The View of Sari village from the Guest House

Enjoying the morning tea as an important ritual from our Indian “Chai Culture”, the sight of the surrounding mountains crowned with soft dreamy cloud covers, sets you up in the right zone both mentally and physically to enjoy the 2-3 kms trek towards Deoriatal, which gradually accents towards 2460 meters. This road crosses through dense wooded and a rather crude forest lined up with pines, oaks and Rhodendrons. The Sun almost plays hide and seek with the tall pines casting unrealistic shadows of those walking under their magnificence. Its these experiences of grandiosity of nature that reflects your tiny significance and a false sense of power we hold in our egoistic human minds. It makes you bow in gratitude.

"Ah the magnificent Forest, the trees and the chirping birds. The Sunlight beaming through the trees. Such are the blessings of Nature. Pure and Abundant" – Meenakshi Chauhan
Deoriatal – Presence of the divine

As the winding mostly shaded roads terminate into the subtle mounds of earth around the Lake, you are almost spellbound by the beauty of the stillness of this lake holding the reflection of the snowclad Chaukhamba peak in its lap. Camping around Deoriatal Lake is a unique experience in itself. As per the Legends , this Lake gets its name from being the divine witness to Bathing rituals of the Gods themselves.

Deoriatal – Presence of the divine

If I close my eyes I can can still feel the stillness and calm that speaks between your soul and the lake as you lovingly sit besides it like old friends catching up after years, “Silence” being the only language of communication, for all being said and all being heard. You can feel the divine presence if you spend sometime just relaxing around the Tal.

"Let Me Witness the presence of the divine, let me be a part of the dance of gods, Bathe my soul in your divine healing light as I immerse Myself and merge in you." – Meenakshi Chauhan

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